About KAYB

KAYB is the creation of a woman who looks at the world as an outcome of brilliant designs that have nurtured, sustained and enraptured humanity since time immemorial. An architect by profession, these designs are her take on the philosophy of ‘Less is More.’

Chic, Elegant and Timeless – These qualities describe the fine craftsmanship, the immaculate fabric and the revolutionary ideas that make every piece in our collection the masterpiece it is.

Trends are passing, but timeless pieces are the holy grail of fashion. From a mind who firmly believes in the power of classics, We present to you KAYB – a quintessential capsule collection which is our spin on fashion that has been adored and sworn by generations of women.

Drawing on the comfort of classics, our collection is designed to add a hint of elegance to wardrobe staples. The women of today are women on the go. We have a lot on our plates and less time on our hands. KAYB is a tribute to the resilient spirit of womanhood – unflinching, bold and unapologetic.

Coming from a woman who understands and experiences the demands of a full life on women, KAYB is an adaptation of Kay’s own style.

With a life fit to be a statement in itself, Why should our clothes be any less?

Be Bold. Be Unapologetic. Be Courageous. Be You.